House renderings

I have been playing around with the house model I have built previous.
We have had decision problem regarding the fireplace and where it should be placed. Our first fireplace was a really big a masonry fireplace from Nordpeis but the price was to high and the we where not 100% if the final finish would be good. So we had rethink the fireplace choice and placement. So we took a trip to Larsens Kaminbutik in Billdal and we found our fireplace. It is a Keddy 815 but with a higher stand that they are developing now.
Next issue where to place it and how will the chimney be on the second floor.But with some hours in the cad program have solved this decision and we are pleased with the position and choice of fireplace. I also have started to look at the lighting setup in the house. Where should we position the spotlights etc. I have done some ruff renderings and here is the result (you stand in the living room and look towards the hallway).

I will continue with the work of the lights. I will try to get in the spotlights and how they will look against our ribb sealing. So there will be more renderings soon.

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