DAK Leichte Pioneers + Lightbox

I have under a long time not been pleased with my photo of my figures and a few days ago did i find a DIY lightbox guide. Link is here.
The box is extremely easy to build and it took only 2 hours in total and a price tag of 5€.
It looks better now I have attached the cloth properly on the side, but you get the ideé.

The models how had the honor to premier the lightbox was my new Liechte pioneer platoon for my growing EW DAK mittler panzer kompanie. It was fun models to and it is my first desert basing. I used the Vallejo Desert sand pumel and a light wash of devlan mud on topp. Realy fast and I like the result.

I have also done a objective for testing the basing material. It is only a boring supply dump in the desert.

My next goal is to finish the tanks for the army list but I am on good track an will be done in two weeks I think. I will keep you posted.

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