Saga: Cresent and the Cross Milites Christi Warband

Hello all. Back to more modelling again and new rules system.

I have had a few demo games and trial games of Saga and found this system to be easy and elegant. And I am not afraid to jump in to a new rules system. I have scanned the net and look at the different force available. I realised that the latest book and rules released by Studio Tomahawk was the most interesting for me. Then was the choice quit easy, how don´t like knights with high moral values and think the are above everyone next go GOD him self. Milite Christi warband is collection for all the knightly orders at the holy land.

My planed force
4 Milites Christi Brothers (Mounted Hearthguard)
4 Milites Christi Brothers (Mounted Hearthguard)
8 Milites Christi Sergeants (Warriors on foot)
8 Milites Christi Sergeants with Crossbow ( Warriors on foot)

Now I have chosen a force, next step models. I am not fond of 28mm horse in metal because they are so top heavy. There are a few companies that make plastic but the most reason one is Fireforge Games. They have their on game system Deus Vult and a 28mm miniature line for this game that would suit my needs.
Current status assembled and primed, I also have unassembled models for additional 8 footmen and 16 knights.

Next step is to air brush the horse and paint them black. I will paint them black with white cross version. This is my inspiration.

I will keep you posted for further progress.
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