Gothcon XL summery and thoughts.

A couple of days have passed sins Gothcon XL in Gothenburg Sweden ended and I have had time to reflect on the high point of the hobby year. It was the first time for me to demo a game on an convent and also the first time to be part of my gaming club Yggdrasils endeavours at Gothcon.

Short summery of the convent:
I spent two hole days at Gothcon. Friday started with setup of guildball corner in the Yggdrasil gaming room and tape flyers for Guildball and X-wing demonstrations all over the Gothcon area. After that was it time for some serius gaming. I have looked at Pike & Shot from Warlord games and there was an large scale battle planed. I was just in time for it to start (see pictures below). I played roughly half the game and it took only 4 hours.
We took a proper lunch at the local China restaurant. then was it time for first role-play gaming for me in several years. We had booked a session for the new Mutant age 0 addon with robots! Only bummer was that it was cancelled because one game master had to leave. This was a disappointment but we went and had a nice indi roleplay game instead. This was the Friday gone but with allot of nice meetings and gaming.

Yggdrasil game room!
Saturday was my plan to demonstrate Guildball the hole day. We open at 10:00 and there where some people that wanted to play directly. In total do I demonstrated for 16 people during the day. I also managed to play one complete game for my self and I lost horribly to the nasty morticians. But I learned that they are sneaky and evil typ of game play. After 10 hours of demonstration was I abit tired and tried to get some shopping done before I had to leave. I tested Star realms and I liked it and bought the complete range directly and played two additional games with all the expansions.

We also witnessed the world largest Caracsonne game, it continued for 3 days straight. They used no farmers on this size :)

High points:
+ Lots of people played at the Guildball table and seamed to like it.
+ Tried Pike & Shot in an very large game (pictures below)
+ Constant flow and interest for the Yggdrasil game room. It´s where I demonstrated Guildball.
+ Star realms was a nice small filler game.

Low points:
-  No Mutant roleplay because one game master had hinder, we played some other indi roleplay instead but still a bit down.
- Should be sun and 15deg C, instead we had rain and gloomy weather the hole weekend.

That was all for this weekend and Gothcon  XL (2016). I had a lovely time and will be there next year to and hopefully demonstrate some new game for the fellow geeks.

Until then Happy gaming.

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