Fast Tankovy finished for Flames of War

With my last edition of 8 KhT-130 is my fast Tankovy battalion finally finished from Rising sun. I have painted 38 tanks and 6 trucked gun teams and one air plane over a period of 7 months. I am very pleased with the result the force is coherent and tanks looks really worn and used. If you are interested in my painting technique look at this post: http://torbjorn-blom.blogspot.se/2014/03/soviet-tank-painting-guide.html

I am pleased with my flame tanks and this is the first time I try to do light effect on 15mm. I could have done that better but you never learn if you don´t try, Here are a few close ups on the flame tanks with flame plumes made from steel wire and clump foilage.

My favourite unit is the SU-12 gun teams. On the paper are they not that great and they are very vulnerable for enemy artillery fire.  But when they are allowed to shoot at duggin infantry when standing still is very deadly sins they have rate of fire 2 and fire power 3+ and volly fire (reroll misses).

So here is my planed 1500p list:

I know that it´s only 5 platoons but it´s always attacking so there is only a few missions where it´s really hurts. I have to make the platoons to small to get the extra points in 1500p games. This is my first list, I have to play it to see if I need to change it. There will be a tournament beginning of next year that will be the trial for this list or any derivate of it. You never now what happens when I get the Barbarossa book in my hands.

Next painting challenge will be to finalize my US Vietnam infantry and there support weapons. They are 70% done already.

And here is the complete force and some close up´s of each company:

First BT-7 company

Second BT-7 company

T-26 support company

SU-12 support trucks

KhT-130 Flame support

I-153 Air support

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