Infinity Operation Ice storm

When I was glancing around on various game sites did I see that Corvus Belli are making a new starter sett for Infinity which includes there 3rd generation rules. I have looking at Infinity for some years but newer taken the leap in to the game. I love the models and the Scifi setting they have created. Corvus Belli are probably making the best metal models on the market at the moment. But I have not been convinced to start because of the criticism from the 1# edition and the flaws and badly written rules.

The models for this box looks really good.
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I listened on a few pod casts and read a few reviews about the 3rd generation rules for Infinity and it seams that they have solved allot of problems and clarified the rules. Operation Ice storm seams also to be good value for my money. So I placed a order on Wayland games and the official release should be tomorrow (19-sep). I am really psyched to get the models and start painting. But today do I receive a message that Op. Ice storm is so popular that there will be a delay of two weeks. May be this is a good thing now do I have time to finish my other project in time before I start painting Infinity models and get to deep in to that universe.

But one that wait for some thing good always wait to long :)
I will keep updating my blog more regularly with my progress with op. Ice.

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