2013 week 2 house update

So many many many weeks have past since my last post about the house. Shame on me!
But I am back writing again and it is a new glorious year a head off us. I have no intentions to build on house the hole year, I want to be finished soon because we are getting fatigued of the build. So I am very glad to write that the finial inspection of the build is book in the final weeks of January and hopefully can we move in after that if every thing proceeds as planed.

You how have keep track of the calendar understand that it is only a few weeks left until the house should be finished! But there have been good progress at the site and the contractors have been working even on the Sunday before Christmas eve.

All the flooring are done on the upper floor and the it is only the kitchen and a small area on the lower floor that is not done because of lack of material. We have chosen a standard oak parquet for the most of  the house it will complement the white walls and give a nice natural look. But in the entrance hall and the kitchen have chosen a more fresh linoleum interlocking tiles in lime green and anthracite grey ordered in a chess board pattern. It will give allot of colour to the house and act as an area divider in the otherwise very open space.
All the floor boards for the lower floor

The tilers have also been working. The upper and lower floor bathroom is done and it looks really good. We are very pleased with the choice of tiles, it make the bathroom seam bigger. Also our contractor have done a very good job with the tiling. No are we only waiting on the furniture and taps to have them done. It will be nice to have two bathrooms and two showers in the morning.

As the tilers have been working with the walls in the bathroom have the painters been plastering and painting all the walls and sealing. So nearly all the painting is done and it looks good! We are very happy that we had contractors for this work because of the shear amount of work they have put in to this house is immense. Because we have gypsum sealing is there allot more work and all the window embrasure are with out window trim. And it is hard to beat a professional painter with it comes to work speed and end result.

It not that long until we can move in and et feels like to two reaming weeks will be very hectic. The carpenters needs to do all the final touches and build a small wall towards the staircase. This wall needs to be plastered and painted. The electrical needs to make all the final wiring and install allot of lights. The kitchen needs to be mounted in place...... you understand the list is long and it is only 9 work days left.

On top off this do need to clean the house before we move in and pack all the stuff in the apartment. But it is only a few weeks so I thing we can handle it with some help from family and friends. I do not know when I will have time to write again, it might be after we moved in?

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