Week 48 house update

Hello all.

Now has there been a big gap between the posts so I thought it is time for a update. There have been good progress at the build site. The biggest visible change from out side is that the scaffolding is removed and we can fully appreciated the house. It is a BIG house when we look at it.
 But I think it is because there are no trees or other gardening around it. It is stand like a big block in the middle of a gravel pit. We have our work planed for the coming years. But I think it will be great when it is done, how fun would it be if every thing was done and ready when you moved in. Then is there no need to by timber or tools.

They have also done allot of work inside of the house. All the inside electrical wiring is completed. All the internal non weight carrying walls are up and insulated and covered with gypsum. All windows are caulked so the house is sealed from wind draft. The roof insulation is on place so the house have received a cap that is needs. All this work is very time consuming and fiddly and the result is not that visible all the time. But this is how it looks now inside.

So there is good progress on the house build even if the blog i very quiet. We are closing in on the finalization of the build and we fell that it will be a hectic time around Christmas and the beginning of next year. If we could control the contractors would we not be that worried but they are very unpredictable and do not always follow a time table. But I guess that how the build business is like and we only have to coup with the situation. I do not worry that it will be late, but as you how know us we like to plan a head and have some space in the time plan.

Until next time, have a nice Christmas warm up with all the dinners etc.

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