Switch control from Möllehem part: 2

Now I received all the parts to continue my switch control panel so here is part 2 in the series.
I will use following schematics for this simple panel:

I have test mounted them on the universal circuit board. This is to easily solder the components and draw the wires to the panel decoder. On top of the circuit board will I mount a Plexi glass board with the holes drilled for the buttons, LED´s and paint the routing on according to the schematics above.

Here is the first test mount:

Next step solder the push buttons and the led´s. Connect the push buttons to the common 0V that comes from the panel decoder and the output goes back to the panel decoder at the correct input position 1-16. It´s important to be meticulous and write down which button is connected to which input position because each push button will get an address and these will be used for the programming later.
Panel decoder
LED driver for 12 LED´s

The LED´s are drive from a separate LED driver board that will be connected to the panel decoder. Each LED driver board can operate up to 12 LED´s. There is a 16pin flat cable that needs to be split and soldered to the correct LED.

I have soldered the first 3 buttons and LED´s to the circuit board. Also mounted all the circuit boards on an very temporary holder to start programing and adjusting the servos.

With my small temporary board and turnout mount will I try the programming of panel decoder, led driver and servo decoder. But more about that in my next post.

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