Infinity Operation Ice-storm PanOcean models

Hello All

I though that I should show you what I finally did with my operation icestorm models. I painted the PanOcean models and sold them because there where no good response from my local club. Anyway here is what I did and the result.

I have also started painting the PanOcean troops from the box. I think these are one of the cleaner and most detail metal figures have have seen. They fitted together perfect and was not that hard to assemble. The only tricky parts where the antennas on the armoured troops. I pinned the antennas so they would be easier to mount but they where still tricky. But I think it was worth the work, the models look stunning especially with the antennas.

Next step was to move the to the airbrush. I will paint them in a traditional colour scheme (Blue) sins it will be the base force for my coming PanOcean force. I started with the base layer of black primer and then continued with grey to get the first shadow effect.
Next step is to get the blue colour painted they where layered with airbrush. I used Vallejo´s new model airbrush colour series. I really like the Vallejo paints and they have a nice level of coverage.

Next step was to hand pain the all cloth, I used the studio painted models as a reference. They models are so good moulded and crafted that it was an easy task to get a good contrast but still look good in close inspection.

Here is the final result.

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