N scale weathering test

I have been wanting to use my skills from the miniature painting on my trains. So I tried a simple weathering on one of my cargo wagons. This one is a n scale (1:160) tarpaulin coverd wagon from fleischmann. 

This is how I did it.
Step 1: demount bogies and wheels 
Step 2: satin varnish with air brush on wagon and bogies 
Step 3: enamel wash from MIG products thinned with correct solvent. you can use any dark tone. I used for nato vehicles its a dark green grey color. Cover the whole wagon with a light cover.
Step 4: after it dried for 10-15min. Take same thinner/solvent and use a brush to remove the enmal wash where don't want it. Use the brush strokes to create a running lines with the wash.
Step 5: let it dry over night 
Step 6: air brush thin coat of light brown/beige color to mimic light dust on the lower part of the wagon and on the bogies. Keep the coating very light. It's very hard to fixit if the coating is too heavy.
Step 7: air brush Matt acrylic varnish and assemble the wagon again.

These step did not take more than 30min for this tarpaulin cargo wagon in N scale.
Here are some pictures for comparison to my unweatherd cargo wagon from fleischmann.



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