1:144 I-153 Chaika completed

Hello all

I am still working with my early war Soviet fast tankovy company. Latest addition is the  I-153 Chaika air plane from Battle front. It´s painted with the same method as my T-26 and BT-7 tanks and decals from minibits.net.
I am pleased with the result and it will be a good addition to my force. It´s main objective is to spread out the opponent and hunt heavy tanks. I have no other weapon that can hurt the Brittish Matilda tanks.

Here are a few pictures:

I also finished my last BT-7 platoon. I added decals from I-95 to add some flavour and easy recognition between the companies. Here are a few pictures.

Next time should my last edition to the Fast tankovy be done and the 1500p list should be ready to kick some ass ;)

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