Wedding tripp

I am very pleased to write that I need to take a break from other projects for 18days for my wedding vacation which will be very nice.
Our planes are to go to Indonesia and dive for 8days in probably one of the best diving locations on the world "Bunaken National Marine Park" which is close to Manando. I hope that the waters will be cleare and that the corals are sprakling. I have a history with a marin aquarium before where I hade a smal coral-reef in my living room. So I have a "smal" intresset of corals and all the other smal critters on the reef.

But before we go there do we need to take a 26hours flight.

But I have not only been planing this tripp. I have hade a busy last week. We meet the arcitects again and they liked our changes on the drawings. So we are going forward with this which is nice. Next step is to get a propsal that they will make a first cost proposal, so let´s see if we can afford what we whant. Probably not :(

I have also painted in between all the other stuff. My first two squadrons for Dystopian wars is done. Now should I start with the start box. I have also picked up an old project with 28mm WW2 brittish sqaud. I am planning to dipp them, but let´s see what happends. My plan is to use them for "Operation squad" http://www.torrianimassimo.it/operationsquad/html_uk/game.html wich looks like a very good system for smal squad based games. It will be a change from my normal Flames of War playing.

Now do I need to finnish of my work before I go on vacation for 18days :)
Until next time; Keep the waters calm.

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